Explore 15 Best Dropbox Alternatives for Business Professionals

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Today in the digital era, many businesses require cloud-based storage systems to virtually save their files. Suppose you are working on a file in the office, but you have to leave. You forgot to bring a flash drive to save the document. If you are planning to conduct a business meeting, you are looking for an app that helps in sharing essential business files, documents, papers, reports, company bylaws, and letters to the internal team, customers, and investors. For easy file sharing, companies are using Apps like Dropbox that offer flexible and secure file storage. It is a cloud-based file management service that helps users store their important files, documents, videos, and images in a single location. Moreover, users can easily access the files from any device linked to the internet. People use Dropbox for both professional and personal use. 

Best Dropbox Alternatives

With more than 600 million users worldwide, the Dropbox app has been extensively employed by businesses for file sharing. The app helps improves teamwork and collaboration, allowing companies and individuals to share documents on various devices efficiently. The app includes essential features such as the free version, storage options, privacy features, and paid plans with more advanced features.

Significance Of Using Dropbox App To Increase Business Efficiency 

• Create and share files flexibly

Using the Dropbox app allows mobile companies to share files and folders with internal teams and departments. File sharing with Dropbox involves a speedy and easy process. The business is required to share the link of various files comprising photos and videos to zipped folders and large CAD files, using their phone, tablet, or computer. Having a cloud storage facility, the app is helpful for users to send large-size file size up to 2 GB. The folders are shared to keep everyone line up with their mutual task at the workspace. 

The project managers upload new content along with adding descriptions and details. Once, they add details, the file is shared on a central platform that allows other members to have a glance at the files. It allows the teams to identify and analyze different phases of the project and the recent developments taking place. The other benefit of using this app is sharing relevant materials and resources with the teams. The app project planner adds a list of members and invites more users to view shared folders.  Thus, having a strong internet connection allow users to get access to files using different platforms and devices.

• The app boost efficiency

App development companies can improve their management of projects and ensure that the teams meet their task appropriately. With the app, all the departments stay in sync regarding working on the project. Consequently, the staffs work in cooperation; each team member along with external collaborators submit their work for review before the due date. The Dropbox cloud storage app assists managers organize files in a single folder. Based on their urgency, the companies streamline their workflows particularly when team members are working together to create a final product. Reviewing numerous files allow teams to keep track of their project details such as analyzing the history of the project, how much work is done on the venture, and when the work will get completed. Moreover, the app maximizes the productivity of the teams in real time. Hence, helping companies enhance their project management, task management, and time-tracking expertise. 

• Security of the files

Another advantage of using the Dropbox cloud storage app is to help users keep the files safe in a specific folder. The app enterprises can secure their folders by providing multiple folder permissions such as giving editing, sharing, or read-only access to the users. Sharing a link to a file or folder adding password protection to a shared link, setting a link expiration date, and disabling downloads allow companies to keep their data secured. 

The other ways can be used by companies to ensure that their sensitive data is completely secured. For instance, Dropbox keeps companies notified in case anyone has viewed, edited, or removed the files. Having significant features of file recovery and version history, the app allows companies to recover the old version of the file. Moreover, if any user has commented on a file, developers gather feedback in one central location. Thus, the Dropbox app helps users stay aware of changes being done by the users in the shared folder.

Providing access to files using different devices

Whether you are iPhone (iOS) or Android user, employing the Dropbox mobile app helps you get access to a variety of tasks using the device. For instance, companies can use Dropbox Scanner to scan and organize documents and images on mobile devices. The app automatically makes backup images and shares them by sending a link to the users. Dropbox Business users can scan documents directly to their Dropbox account by employing Dropbox mobile app.

• Integration of  alternatives apps

With the Dropbox app, Android app development companies can incorporate other apps and services. It includes saving files from Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides to Dropbox. While using the Microsoft Office and Dropbox app allows companies to get access to Dropbox files directly from Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.

• Dropbox app used for marketing

Integrating Dropbox help companies store and share their marketing data with other teams and departments people within and outside of the company. Moreover, the app keeps track of all their marketing campaigns, data, and insights saved in one place.

The Best Dropbox Alternatives Used By Project Managers To Make Their Work Manageable 


• Internxt

To have safe and secure data encryption implies mobile app development services using open-source cloud storage services built on blockchain. Internet is an exceptional Dropbox alternative that ensures the privacy and security of files shared through different devices. The cloud storage service restricts the number of file downloads, provides a convenient backup of the files setup, and controls data access. Customers prefer using Internxt as it is cost-effective compared to Dropbox. Another significant feature is that the cloud storage service offers a free 10GB plan. The users can easily operate this service through their Android or iOS devices.

• SYNC.Com

Another significant storage service for users is SYNC.com. Ranging among the best cloud storage service for users, Sync helps mobile app companies store significant data, files, videos, and visuals. The users who have used this service to store their business documents and data find it highly beneficial. It provides 5GB of free space for storage. The remote lockout device is another significant feature of the app that ensures that the company’s data remains locked on using any device. Consequently, it helps prevent access to significant data by unauthorized third parties. Consumers who are using Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android have free access to download SYNC.com. The app provides unlimited storage such as 5 GB Free + 22GB. Additionally, it helps improve team management and collaboration and assists companies to promote their marketing campaigns. 

• pCloud

Android app development allows businesses to protect their files from unaccredited clientele by using PCloud. The zero-knowledge privacy feature would not allow any external worker to see encryption keys. The files and data is only visible to the account holder. The other distinctive feature is providing 10 Gigs of storage space when users sign up for an account. Moreover, the app also gives an additional 5 GB of storage space to new users.  The app offers one-time payments for programs that last permanently. Customers using numerous devices have the benefit of uploading multiple files and can view them easily. 

• Google Drive

If you are working on an extensive file, you can save your file on Google Drive. It is a free cloud storage service that forms a part of G-Suite apps.  Compared to other apps, it has a vast storage service. It offers 15GB of free storage space. The users can keep a backup of their documents, photos, and videos at a reduced quality in secured cloud storage. Integrating numerous apps such as Docs, Sheets, Slides, Microsoft Office, Slack, Salesforce, DocuSign, and Autodesk, Google Drive is beneficial for clients and businesses to upload and store their files safely. Moreover, employing Google’s AI tools allows the app to work faster. It can be easily accessible for desktop and smartphone users.

• Microsoft One Drive

App development companies find Microsoft One Drive as the best alternative to Dropbox. Apart from free installation prompts, the users also get a free One Drive account while installing MS Office. Many companies find One Drive suitable for data storage as it offers 5GB of storage space. The users can easily store complex files, documents, and images. One of the best features of Microsoft OneDrive is that if users are operating Microsoft Office, the Microsoft 365 Personal plan offers 1TB of cloud storage plus a complimentary subscription to Microsoft Office Word, Excel, and PowerPoint for Windows and Mac consecutively. Advanced sync technologies employed in smartphones mechanically keep the backup of the phone’s data including images, videos, and essential files.

• NextCloud

The users find Nextcloud an extraordinary alternative to Dropbox. Having versatile features, the productivity tool helps companies to collaborate on different projects. Project managers can send and receive emails, manage calendars, and organize video conversations with clients and stakeholders. Moreover, companies can store files, share them, and sync them with other teams and departments. Nextcloudimproves collaboration regarding managing and monitoring data and communication across the organization.

• Amazon Drive

Many app companies are not aware of using Amazon Drive. It is also considered the best Dropbox alternative providing access to 5GB of photos, images, videos, and files. Businesses can use the tool to keep the back of all their data and files in a single place. Using the tool enables companies to store all their files and get easy access to view them from any platform or device. Moreover, users send links to others for file sharing. If you are searching for a suitable app to store your extensive data or have a large number of uploads and downloads of files, you can simply install Amazon Drive which offers you flexibility and convenience in data management and storage.


In the digital world, it is difficult for businesses to imagine their business operations without using numerous apps. Dropbox has become the most popular cloud storage service, with 500 million registered users.  Employing cloud storage systems allow companies to store data related to business, marketing, or their files. Companies can use a variety of apps as an alternative to Dropbox. For instance, OneDrive and Google Drive provide the best alternatives to companies regarding their collaboration and document support. One Drive, Tresorit, iDrive, and Amazon Drive are helpful for users to keep cloud data storage and makes it possible to save, organize, and access files from any device. The app provides free cloud storage for photos and files of up to 5GB and creates automatic backups for files. Companies merely require an internet connection to operate these apps. Whether companies want to manage, store, upload, and download larger files, documents, music, photos, or videos, they have a wide option to use a wide range of apps that makes file sharing and storage safe and convenient. 


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