How To Make Use Of Piso WiFi Pause Time Function?

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The optimal balance between staying connected and being connected while you are out may be difficult to accomplish. You sometimes need to disconnect from the outside world to reconnect with who you are. Here is when Piso WiFi pause time comes in handy.

Piso WiFi Pause Time

There may be occasions when you are unable to connect to a WiFi signal or hotspot in a public setting. In any event, knowing the benefits offered by Piso WiFi Pause Time will be made easier for you if you continue reading:

What is Piso WiFi Pause Time?

Piso WiFi is a software, and you can occasionally stop your internet connection with Pause Time. If you need to briefly leave your network but still need access to it when you return, it can be very useful. The default time interval for the Piso Wifi Pause Time is 30 minutes, 1 hour, and 2 hours so you can consider stopping your WiFi network every morning for 30 minutes while you get ready for the day. You can resume the network when you are prepared to awaken the rest of your family.

Using vending machines, it offers an internet connection as a rental service. If you are unable to afford internet access, you may use this service. The stop-time services for Piso WiFi are available to all people. To know more about Piso WiFi, visit here:

How to stop the time in PISO WiFi 

For piso wifi pause time, go to in your browser application. You will then be taken to the device's online gateway. 

To stop using your Piso WiFi connection, click "Pause time." Your internet connection will be put on hold, and until you restart it, you won't be able to access the internet.

For your internet connection to resume, click "Resume time." Your internet access will be restored, and you can use the internet normally.

Standard gateway address

The default gateway address for Piso WiFi is After you are familiar with this number, you can use the app to install the program and control the connection. Once connected, you can continue using an infinite amount of bandwidth to browse the internet. 

Moreover, Piso WiFi Pause Time has a number of functions and installation choices. There are many choices, but the fundamental idea is the same, you can use the internet whenever you want and turn it off when you don't need it.

You must have a strong internet connection before you can install Piso WiFi. You can then use a web browser to sign in to the Piso WiFi website after completing these steps. You may check the connectivity status and other crucial data after login in. You can use the other functions of the program, like chatting, once you have logged in.

How to know whether time has passed?

If you are unsure, check your connection on the online portal to see if you have paused time on Piso WiFi. The gateway IP and password can be changed. Follow the instructions after entering your service-generated password. After logging in with the new credentials, restart any connected Piso WiFi devices.

To see if you have stopped using Piso WiFi log onto your account. Piso WiFi is affordable and convenient, so you don't need to purchase a membership only to use the internet. Excellent customer support is available through the Piso WiFi interface.

What are the default username and passwords for

The login information is admin by default. The admin user name and password are preconfigured for Configurations exist for the username and password. Every user has automatic access to the system's administrator role. 

To control the system after logging in, users require administrator access. The Administrator role grants the most permissive level of access to the system. It provides full access to all of the objects in the class to the user.

Piso WiFi's pause time advantages 

In Piso Wireless, everyone can access the internet without fees. A lot of individuals who would not have otherwise had access to the internet were given internet with this. 

Anyone who requires them is welcome to use the hotspots in public places like parks and museums. Free internet connectivity is also available at Piso WiFi additionally supports the promotion of online learning by offering training and assistance. It also promotes digital literacy.

How to Disable Piso Wifi Pause Time

If you want to disable Piso wifi for one or the other reasons then you can follow these series of steps

Step 1: Using your login credentials try to log in to Piso WiFi Admin.

Step 2: Scroll down and check out the "pause access" option, once you get it you can simply click on that.

Step 3: Once you click on the "pause access" option, a password will be asked from you so you can simply provide the password and click on "Apply".

Step 4: Your pause function will get deactivated once you are done with the above steps. You can now simply access the network again.

Final thoughts

You may save data and take a break from being online by quickly pausing and resuming your Piso WiFi connection. It is easy to suspend and resume your connection whenever you are logging into the web interface of your device. With the help of this function, you can get the most out of Piso WiFi without having to worry about data allocation.

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