Project Management is a Good Career- Here’s Why

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People say project management is a good career option today, but why? Since the massive disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic globally, governments have decided to spend trillions on reconstruction projects in the next ten years. It means there will be millions of projects within a decade, each requiring a project manager.

Project Management

If you are curious about project management career opportunities, this guide will help you understand the basics.

Why is Project Management a Good Career Option?

Every industry engaging in project-oriented tasks, from business services, manufacturing, and construction, to banking, insurance, and IT, needs a project manager. Concerning high salaries and plenty of work availability, project management is a good career for today's youth.

A report from PMI states there will be approximately 2.2 million new project-related posts annually by 2027.

Companies aim to deliver projects on time and on budget and align with business goals to gain an advantage in the global competition. Therefore, they look for skilled project managers with knowledge, qualification, and experience in project management.

Here are a few more reasons why project management is a good career option.

Great career opportunities

If you are looking for a career option with steady and constant growth, it is project management with diverse opportunities. Project management professionals are highly demanded due to emerging market requirements.

Decent pay and great salary potential

With greater growth potential comes the demand for decent pay, isn't it? Project management is a good career option that offers high salaries for any position, irrespective of the farm and the sector. Additionally, an individual with a PM (project management) certificate is highly demanded and gets a good salary.

Growing industry options

Some jobs are restricted to a handful of industries. For example, doctors are not needed in a SaaS company or construction workers in ER. But project management is pretty much essential in most industries. They are required in architecture, Construction, Engineering, Finance, healthcare, insurance, IT, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, real estate development, software development, and telecommunications.

Expansion of knowledge and skills

Though project management roles expect individuals to have prior experience in coordinating teams, you get a lot of things to learn for better results.  It includes learning a set of hard and soft skills, bringing new ideas and thoughts, improving creativity and talent in the work environment, improving the capability of handling plans and projects effectively, and more.

Work flexibility

Today's workforce not only looks for good opportunities or high salaries but an excellent work-life balance. Though the work of PMs can be stressful as they are expected to work extensively on a project at hand, they have a flexible time and place to work.

Get better at problem-solving

If you are interested in taking up problems and creatively resolving them, project management roles give you the opportunity. As a project manager, you can go through five steps to display your problem-solving ability: defining a problem, determining the cause, generating ideas, selecting the best solution, and taking action.

A sense of satisfaction

In certain professions, measuring or noticing your influence on a company or its outputs can be challenging. It is because a lot of work is done in teams, and even then, the outcomes might be hypothetical to you. But, project managers can feel a sense of accomplishment on completing a project every time. The project might involve creating a new product, establishing a building, or fixing a problem. Additionally, the project managers feel satisfied knowing they played a crucial role in achieving the result.

Why Apply for Good Project Management Courses?

Companies prefer hiring credentialed project managers with the knowledge, competence, and skill necessary to manage complicated project management scenarios. Therefore, it becomes vital for an individual to look into good project management courses and apply for the best, and earn a project management certification.

Good project management courses entail focusing on planning and defining scope, budgeting, time management, organization skills and tips, communication, leadership skills, and risk management and contingency planning.

Project management is a good career only when you have the proper qualification, certifications, skills, and knowledge. Here are a few project management qualifications that may help advance your career.

Project Management Professional (PMP)

A person with no experience or degree in project management can do a four-year college degree and a project management certification course.

PMP is the most significant qualification for project managers and is recognized as the industry benchmark for project management career paths. You can work as a PMP in almost any business with a technique and wherever the designation is universal.

Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)

Are you looking for unique career options for project managers? Getting a CAPM certification is the best option to set you apart on the job market, enhance your reputation, and ensure project management is a good career. It showcases your abilities and familiarity with fundamental ideas, terms, and techniques required for effective project management.

Certified Scrum Master (CSM)

As agile methodologies increase, IT companies are looking for individuals who can operate as certified scrum masters. If you are undergoing the certification course or have successfully completed it, you must know the Scrum framework and team roles, events and rules. It allows the Scrum Team to work with professionals like you to operate at its peak efficiency.

What are the Significant Project Management Career Opportunities?

Project managers can take up different job titles like a delivery manager, scrum manager, agile coach, and product manager. These titles can vary depending on the country or region you are looking for project management career opportunities. However, it is essential for individuals to understand the requirements for each job title, their responsibilities, and the impact of their role to make informed decisions.

As per the U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics data, project management-related employment growth will be highest in software development, with a projected rise of 14% between 2019 and 2030. The transition will be reflected in the development of mobile applications, IT security, and the increase in healthcare technology.

Currently, the leading industries hiring project managers are manufacturing and construction, information and publishing, finance, and insurance.

Is Construction Project Management a Good Career?

When pursuing a career in the construction industry, you often think of architecture, civil engineering, cost estimation, etc. But, one that you are missing out on is construction project management.

Construction project management is a good career as it has numerous job openings compared to many other similar fields. The employment opportunity is expected to increase at an average rate of 8% by 2029. Additionally, this field pays competitive salaries.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics of 2019, there were 476,700 job openings for construction project managers, whereas, for architects, it was 129,900 and cost estimators were 214,200. Furthermore, such managers earned an annual median pay of $97,180 as of May 2020, which will rise more in the next few years.


By now, you must have understood project management is a good career option, especially when looking for opportunities with growth potential, learning space, decent pay, and increased demand in the market. However, you can do in-depth research on the career options to understand what education, training, and skills each profile is looking for and see if you meet their criteria.

At Pitchnhire applicant tracking system can help recruiters find suitable candidates applying for different project management roles on multiple platforms, so you never miss out on the best talents in the market. For jobseekers, if you have the right mix of education, certificate, training, and skills that the recruiter is finding, you will surely get an opportunity through us. To know more about our recruitment process, ask us today!


1 - Is project management a high-paying job?

Yes, project management is a high-paying job in comparison to similar others in the category with a better chance of progression. According to LinkedIn, project managers with 1-5 years of experience earn an average of $73,000 annually.

2 - Is it hard to get a job in project management?

Getting your first job in project management with no prior experience can be challenging as you are competing with candidates who have excelled in the field for years. However, you can apply for junior posts.

3 - What degree is best for project management?

Project management professionals must have a four years college degree or a graduate degree and a project management certification. A PMP (Project Management Professional) certificate is the golden standard for such posts.

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