E-commerce Goes Mobile: Examining the Impacts and Implications for Retailers

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As the world is evolving day by day with new trends and technologies, the trend of shopping has also evolved. However, online mobile shopping with free home delivery, has played a huge part. From millennials to gen-z everybody has smartphones nowadays in their hands 24/7. From waking up to sleeping time, we perform lots of tasks on our smartphones like paying instalments, catching up on emails and news, and more. At the end of the day, before sleeping most people enjoy bingeing their favourite series while scrolling social media reels becomes a habit of all. 

E-commerce Goes Mobile

We have yet to recognize how our mobile phones have evolved into a platform for internet commerce in between all of these applications. Have you ever encountered an advertisement while perusing via social media, tapped on the link, and end up purchasing the item for yourself? This convenience has changed customers' minds and resulted in favour of online shopping. 

Retailers have suffered greatly as the pattern of shopping has changed from offline to online. However, we are here to discuss how it impacts you and how you can turn it in your favour.

● Ease of Online Payments

With the emerging use of mobile phones, the method of traditional payment has also changed to online payment. These means of payment are more easy, secure, and safe, and they also assist you in maintaining track of your purchases

The majority of the people who do shopping online prefer online payments because It enables a customer to pay securely and conveniently using their smartphones. While shopping physically, you have to take lots of cash along which is quite risky as well. 

For example, if you have ordered a parcel before, and it arrives at the end of the month and you are out of cash, that's where online payments can save you. Online payments allow clients to buy in a safe and secure environment while also saving time compared to other payment options.

● Global Reach Opportunity

Digitalization allows everyone to be with each other from any corner of the world, however, a better opportunity for the retailer to expand their business. Expanding the store physically demands lots of investments while expanding globally through online stores is relatively easy.

Retailers may gain worldwide exposure and offer their goods or services globally,  without any restrictions by optimizing their websites or applications. 

For example, before online shopping came, getting imported items from another country was quite difficult. Furthermore, one must wait a very long time before getting the package and is also uncertain about the store. 

But these days, you can buy any imported item online, follow your package's whereabouts using the order tracking feature, and learn more about the company by reading customer reviews.

● Improved Customer Engagement

Online shopping makes it possible for retailers to create direct connections with their customers. In the traditional shopping method, the customer comes to the retailer only when they need something. 

While online platforms allow retailers to make direct channels of communication with their customers. This will enhance customer engagement in your store, which is a plus point for building customer loyalty, moreover, it drives the customer to repeat the purchase again and again. Retailers should focus on

1. Direct Mail Marketing

2. Push Notifications

3. Promotions

4. Recommendations

For example,  When you unexpectedly receive a notice when you are simply going through your feed, you may find an unbelievable deal. You instantly switched to that site and ended up ordering something for yourself. This benefits the customers to save money on their purchases, and merchants benefit because their sales have increased.

● Day-by-day Evolving Consumer Behaviour

As everything gets digitised, customers' purchasing habits have also evolved from physical to online shopping. As everyone looks for convenience and time saving options, consumers happily switch to online platforms for shopping. 

People have been convinced that online stores are perfect for shopping anywhere, anytime, and have speedily adopted this shopping pattern.

For example, if your mobile charger stops working and you urgently need the new one. But, going to the market, and searching for good quality products at reasonable prices demands quality time and dedication. On the contrary, online mobile shopping with free home delivery saves you from all this market hassle. Additionally, it saves customers time and gives them a positive shopping experience, which motivates them to make larger purchases.

● Personalized Preferences

To deliver the best that customers want, never let any retailer experience loss. Retailers may collect consumer data through the internet platform, enabling them to provide individualised shopping experiences. However, the data is based on customers purchasing history, and preferences, or can be analyzed by the behaviour of purchasing. Doing so helps retailers to target customers with what they need and can enhance individual shopping experiences.

For example, everyone has experienced this at least once, when you are thinking about a certain product and it just popped on your feed. Then you tap on that and get what you exactly find. This happens with the help of customised reference behaviour or it may be based on your purchase history. 

● Security Assurance

The difficulty that retailers have faced is how they can build customer trust online, which is the essential key for sales.Even if the practise of internet buying has become increasingly popular, some individuals still believe it to be unsafe. The retailer must ensure security measures for customers so they can shop feeling safe and sound. 

Although the business must use secure payment methods, consumer data must remain encrypted throughout the purchasing process. Moreover, the privacy policies must be written clearly so customers can trust the retailer confidently. 

The retailers must reassure the customers that their site is safe and secure to shop, with SSL certification. Additionally, as people prefer to shop using secure procedures that protect their information, this will aid in increasing traffic to your website.

● Optimization for Mobile

The thing that retailers should keep in mind is to optimise their website responsively for mobile. Customers love to shop online by using their mobile phones, as nobody has time to open sites on the laptop or dedicate their time to scroll shopping from a desktop. Retailers must ensure to invest in making their sites completely responsive and user-friendly. 

Some websites refuse to load on mobile browsers, while others are responsively designed, which loses the attention of the client. 

However, making a mobile responsive website with a user-friendly interface can help the customer to enjoy convenient shopping. Optimising the application or website for different screen sizes ensures traffic and boosts sales, however, saves the retailer to experience reduced bounce-back ratings.

● Physical Retail Stores 

The emerging trend of shopping on online platforms has brought a lot of challenges to retailers to switch from traditional ways. For example, a customer can order mobile accessories online, and get them in minutes with quality assurance. So, why would he go to the market physically? 

With the ease of online buying, customers' purchasing behaviors have changed, and no one wants to spend their time physically browsing in a store anymore. The retailers must focus to convince the retailers of the purpose of physical stores. Retailers may sustain strong sales on both online and physical channels by providing distinctive services for generating engaging consumer experiences.

● Fulfil Customers' Expectations

The customers won't get satisfied with just offerings until it's fulfilled efficiently and it creates brand loyalty among customers. The retailer must ensure the expectations of customers by fulfilling fast deliveries, giving refunds according to the policies, or fulfilling the order tracking demand. 

By investing in optimized logistics systems, retailers can get more sales and traffic by gaining customers' trust. This will let you gain good reviews on your sites and encourage more audiences to buy from your store by building a good brand image. Customers will be pleased to get notified when items are always packed, dispatched, and delivered on time.  Help them out by providing them with a more enjoyable buying experience and cheaper shipping expenses.


To conclude, mobile shopping is just a mere trend that will vanish in a few years, however, it has become a phenomenon that's here to stay for so long. With every passing day smartphones become a central part of our lives. From the source of communication, now it becomes a source of all our needs like gathering information and shopping online. 

It becomes impossible to imagine our lives without smartphones, however, online mobile shopping with free home delivery makes it easy to shop for things for your mobile. Shifting e-commerce to mobile is the cherry on top to boost sales while maintaining a direct channel between a retailer and a customer. 

In order to provide your clients with a convenient but unique experience, you must go where they are via mobile commerce.


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