Tips to Install a Pressure Regulator Precisely

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A water Pressure regulator is a handy device that ensures the safe regulation of water pressure at homes, offices and industrial levels. The main purpose of using this is to prevent the damages that high-pressure water can cause to your faucets, pipelines and systems. 


Tips to Install a Pressure Regulator Precisely

If you are going to install an electronic pressure regulator by yourself then it's crucial to have the proper knowledge about the whole installation process.

Follow the below listed tips to install an electric pressure regulator correctly:


Measure the Current Pressure:

First of all, take the measurement of the pressure that is flowing in your main water line with the help of a pressure gauge. So that you can determine which pressure regulator will be good for your home, office or industrial application.

Find out the main shut-off valve and shut off the supply of water. After doing that open the nearest faucet to drain the water from the pipeline. Get the help of a tape measure to measure the length of the digital pressure regulator with the threaded couplings that you have purchased. Create the marks according to the length of the regulator for installing it in the pipe.

Cut the Pipeline:

Have a bucket and towel near the pipeline where you are working. In order to cur a pipe you can make use of pipe cutter. Take care of the measurements for the precise installation of the low pressure electronic regulator. Don’t remove too much pipe so that the couplings can slide easily on the ends of the pipe. After cutting the pipe, clean the pipe ends with a brush. 

Connect the Electronic Pressure Regulator:

Get the flux paste and apply it to the pipe and fitting to accommodate the soldering process. Now slide the threaded couplings over the pipe and use heat to properly fit it. When you see that the fitting is hot then use solder to connect it firmly. Now repeat this process for the second coupling and wait for the metal to cool down.

When the coupling is cool down then put the regulator in place and tighten the couplings with your hands. Finish it with the channel lock pliers so that there is no chance of any kind of leak. Now go to the main shut-off valve and turn on the supply of water.

Test the Water Pressure:

Power on the electronic water pressure regulator and set the value of the required pressure and test the pressure of the water with a pressure gauge to determine whether it's installed properly or not. This test will let you know whether the device is working properly or not. If it's not working properly then it's best to call a professional plumber or a person who has previous experience of dealing with the regulators. This kind of person will compulsorily have an idea to make the necessary changes in the setting of the device so that you can have the accurate pressure.


Final Words:

The above-listed tips are very useful for installing an electronic pressure regulator precisely. But for doing this you must have the proper parts and tools.

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