How Innocams Is The Future of Smart Surveillance?

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Are looking for ways to grow and upgrade the security of your business or home? Innocams are surveillance security cameras that have revolutionized security measures thanks to advanced technology. They leverage two-way communication, and AI-based threat detection to produce high-quality footage great for investigations.


If you want a complex system that will analyze the environment for every detail, think Innocams. The data empowers homeowners and business people with information that boosts their oversight capabilities. Additionally, the cameras can provide data in real-time as well as analytics.

Let us dive deep into everything you need to know about this security camera system, setting them up, prices, benefits and their limitations.

What Is Innocams?

It is an IP camera with an advanced security system for safeguarding your property. The system integrated sophisticated AI technology that fine-tunes motion detection and allows clear visualization. Moreover, it works very well in dimness since it supports low-light functionalities.

The videos are HD with real-time alerts allowing responding to any concern immediately. These outstanding features of the security systems give peace to users because nothing catches them unawares.

Outstanding Features

With its unique features, these security cameras provide cutting-edge technology to its users who leverage the innovation, convenience and peace of mind that comes with it. Here is why you should go for such cameras for all security solutions.

Two-way Communication

Its security system combines two-way audio communication that allows the user to communicate with visitors remotely. The system enables you to communicate with your security guard, delivery person or a random visitor at your doorstep before letting them. This solves the problems that may come with unauthorized access to your premises.

HD Video Quality

High-resolution videos allow you to view and analyze images even in dim light. This acquits you with any intruder or fishy activities in your home or business quarters from any location.

Night Vision

These surveillance security cameras have features with advanced low-light technology that give clear images regardless of the time they were recorded. The integration of in-built- night vision technology allows you to see clear images up to 30 feet away.

Cloud Storage Features

The security systems allow you to store your footage for future reference. This is however provided in paid subscriptions. The plan pricing depends on how much footage you need to store. You can access the data anytime you need it without limitations.

Fine-tuned Motion Detection

The system has a unique feature that detects every motion in the compound. They alert the user on the phone when an unusual motion is detected that is a potential threat to the residents of the property. This is achieved by its ability to differentiate everyday activities from unusual movements.

Remote Viewing

One can follow through activities in their compound through the phone, computer or tablet since the cameras can be accessed from any part of the world.  Additionally, one can view the videos from a broader perspective since the cameras are discrete as far as angles are concerned. This reduces blind spots so intruders will not take advantage of that.

User-friendly Interface

Its intuitive interface is so user-friendly that one doesn’t have to be a tech-savvy to use it. Navigating the system to fetch any information is incredibly easy for anyone. They are also easy to install.

Wireless Connectivity

Innocams do not use wires for connections. This means one can connect the cameras from any point in the compound. Also, the cameras are weatherproof- they are great for indoor and outdoor connections. They are not affected by extreme weather conditions like rain, sun, wind or cold.

Considerations when Choosing Innocams

Choosing the right security cameras set for your premise can be challenging if you are not a tech-savvy. Here are some of the things to consider to settle on the best camera:


The models depend on the purpose of the security system. For indoor use, choose a set that will give a discreet design, Wi-Fi compatibility and be small in size. For outdoor sets, go for security cameras that are weatherproof, have strong casings and can stand very high or very low temperatures.

Area of Coverage

Settle for the set that will cover discreetly the area of target. Choose cameras with wider lenses for outdoor monitoring since they provide wider coverage. Innocams with narrow lenses are great for indoor monitoring by focus monitoring.

HD Coverage with Night Vision

This helps you monitor even the tiniest images and discreet activities during the night and day. The images are clear and one can get any information needed from the footage.

Setting Up Innocams

The process is straightforward. These are the steps followed to set your security system up:

1. Identify the location- the location should be away from abstractions that may block the camera view. Focus on entry points and areas where valuable assets are located.

2. Hardware Installation- utilize mounting kits that come with the set to attach the cameras securely. Set the heights and angles in a position that captures the areas you are interested in.

3. Power and Internet Connection- Ensure each camera is connected to a source of power and a working Wi-Fi or an Ethernet cable.

4. App Installation- Install and Activate the Innocams App on your phone or tablet for remote monitoring. The set-up process is easy if you follow the prompts correctly to synchronize the cameras with the network.

You will need to scan a QR Code or enter the camera details into the App manually.

5. Settings Configuration- this involves customization of your settings for the camera system through the App.

Here, you get to adjust alert types, cloud storage plans, storage options (local/ cloud) and motion detection sensitivity.

How Secure are Innocams?

The system is designed to provide top-notch security through complex technology that incorporates AI. Also, setting up the cameras involves 2FA giving extra layers of security against hackers.

To reduce chances of hacking, set up strong and complex passwords that you have not used on any other platform.


Innocams comes with a sophisticated, convenient and easy-to-use interface that allows anyone to install and use. Whether you want to tighten security in your home or business premises, the cameras have features that will ensure that you are safe from intruders.

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