What is a Purple Circle in the Snapchat 2023

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The immensely popular social media platform Snapchat is growing continuously due to the introduction of new and unique features every day. To draw the attention of users every platform is in the fray to launch new and alluring features for the users and Snapchat is top among them.

What is a Purple Circle in the Snapchat 2023

The feature-rich social media platform Snapchat offers innovative tools to enhance user experience.

On scrolling through Snapchat, you might have come across the purple circle around the person’s profile picture. 

Being not familiar with snapchat purple circle around bitmoji compel you to look into the insights of it. So here we are with this guide that will walk you through all about it.  

What is Purple Circle on Snapchat

There are many features in snapchat and Snapchat Premium. In 2013 Snapchat launched its unique and alluring purple ring around the person’s profile picture. You may be thinking of what does it mean.  

As explained by Getassist, the purple circle means that the person has recently posted a story that you haven’t seen yet. A purple circle means the person has shared a video story within 24 hours. You can watch the video by just clicking on it. 

It simply means that the new content is available on your friend's Snapchat story for 24 hours for just a click away.

You can view Snapchat Stories by swiping left from the camera screen or by tapping on the purple icon at the bottom right corner.

After watching the story of your friend, the purple circle may turn into grey, until any new story has been uploaded by them.

As they upload any new story, it may turn purple again to let you know that they have posted a new story.

What Does a Locked Purple Circle Mean on Snapchat

Sometimes, you may have noticed a lock symbol next to a purple circle what does the purple ring around bitmoji snapchat, mean? It means the person has shared a private story and you are chosen to watch their private stories.

To pick some specific friend to view your private story you can move to the Profile > New Story > New Private story. After that, you can pick the friend whom you wish to watch your private story.

What is the Purple Circle Around Bitmoji on Snapchat

You might sometimes see a purple circle around a bitmoji on Snapchat. It can be either shown in the conversation section or on the recommended friends right on top. In that situation, the purple circle doesn’t explain anything. The matter of the circle is a little bit confusing as it is also a design around a bitmoji. 

When you go to the Add Friends section, you’ll see the purple circle around the Snapchatters. That means they have published a story. If the story is public then you can see the story by clicking on the bitmoji but if you are not added to its friends then you will redirect to the person’s profile.

To Summarize

Moreover, all the story posted on Snapchat is not public, some people post private story that is not visible to everyone. If you find a purple circle with a locked symbol, it means it is a private story that users have posted and you are among the selected people whom they wish to let it view. 

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