Method Fix Audio Issues Of Pubg On Tencent Gaming Buddy

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PlayerUnknown's Battleground (PUBG) has overwhelmed the gaming scene, and Tencent Gaming Mate is a famous emulator for playing PUBG on PC. Nonetheless, experiencing sound issues during ongoing interaction can baffle me. These issues can go from sound errors to sound misfortune, upsetting your gaming experience. 

Fix Audio Issues Of Pubg On Tencent Gaming Buddy

In this guide, we will discuss practical strategies for resolving audio issues in PUBG when using Tencent Gaming Buddy. We will provide step-by-step solutions to ensure that you can fully immerse yourself in the battle royale world of PUBG without any audio obstacles, whether you are experiencing distorted sound, missing audio cues, or microphone malfunctions. We should sort your sound issues out so you can partake in a consistent gaming experience.

Why Is The Sound Not Working In PUBG?

The shortfall of sound in PUBG can be disappointing and frequently obstruct your gaming experience. A few reasons can add to this issue.

● Firstly, guarantee your sound gadgets are accurately associated and drivers are forward-thinking. 

Secondly, check the in-game sound settings, changing volume levels and it is quieted to not ensure anything.

Thirdly, confirm your framework's sound settings to permit PUBG to deliver sound.

●Also, tainted game documents can create sound issues, so intermittently check for record honesty.

●Lastly, impairing clashing outsider programming or overlays while gaming can determine sound issues.

Follow these tips and enjoy in a more  gaming experience.

How Do I Make PUBG Sound Better?

Further developing the sound quality in PUBG can altogether improve your gaming experience:

Settings in the game: Adjusting the game's sound settings is the first step. Change the export volume, impacts, and voice visit levels to find a decent sound blend.

Utilize Quality Earphones: Put resources into top-notch earphones to hear exact directional signs. Enemy locations can be pinpointed with the assistance of a headset with surround sound capabilities.

Equalization of Sound: The equalizer settings on your device can be adjusted to emphasize footstep sounds and reduce background noise.

Positional Mindfulness: Train your ears to perceive various sounds, similar to strides, gunfire, and vehicle motors, to acquire an upper hand.

●Utilize a Sound Card: In the event that you're playing on a PC, consider a committed sound card for further developed sound handling.

By calibrating these components, you can also improve Pubg mobile shooting gaming experience. 

How Do I Fix The Sound Glitch On My PUBG Mobile?

Encountering sound errors in PUBG Mobile can be disappointing, however, these means can assist you with settling them:

Restart the Game: Once in a while, errors are transitory. Close PUBG Mobile and return it to check whether the issue continues to happen.

Check Gadget Sound Settings: Make sure that the volume on your device is up and that the sound profile is not set to vibrate or silent.

Settings in the game: Open PUBG Versatile's settings and really take a look at the sound settings. Change the volume sliders, and ensure all sound choices are empowered.

Update the Application: Obsolete game renditions can prompt errors. Update PUBG Versatile to the most recent adaptation that anyone could hope to find on your application store.

Restart Your Gadget: A gadget reboot can determine sound issues brought about by framework issues.

Check for Framework Updates: Guarantee your gadget's working framework is exceptional.

Assuming that the issue continues, consider reaching PUBG Mobile's help for additional help.

Which Is The Best Server For PUBG Mobile?

Choosing the best server for PUBG Mobile is urgent for a slack-free and charming gaming experience. Here are some top server decisions:

●Asia: Ideal for players in Asia, offering lower ping and smoother ongoing interaction.

Europe: excellent for European players, with good matchmaking and connectivity.

North America: In the event that you're in North America, this waiter offers stable ongoing interaction and a dynamic player base.

●South America: suitable for gamers in South America, with competitive play and lower latency.

●Near East: optimal for Middle Eastern players, ensuring fair competition and minimizing lag.

To get the most out of your PUBG Mobile experience, select the server closest to where you live.


All in all, tending to sound issues in PUBG on Tencent Gaming Pal is fundamental for a vivid gaming experience. This guide offers solutions to problems with sound loss or glitches to ensure smooth gameplay. Moreover, upgrading PUBG sound settings and utilizing quality earphones can improve your general gaming sound insight. Make sure to pick the best server for PUBG Mobile to limit slack and guarantee a smooth gaming meeting.


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