8 Best Social Media Lead Generation Ideas to Try Next

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Social media has been a powerful tool in this digital era to connect with the targeted audience on a mass level. This is the reason why social media channels are a part of lead-generation strategies. 

Social Media Lead Generation Ideas

Generating leads with social media might not be the first thing that strikes your mind, but it should be. Unlike old ways where businesses rely on newsletters or sales calls, one can have direct conversations with interested customers. This is one of the easiest ways to fetch clients into the sales pipeline and make stronger relationships. 

However the secret behind successful social media marketing planning lies in using the right tips at the right time. So, here we have shared 8 best social media lead generation ideas to multiply your business sales. 

Let’s dive in to learn!

How does social media help to boost lead generation?

In case you are looking for any kind of business leads, like home improvement leads, getting involved in social media advertising methods helps you to know the correct users. Once you connect with them, you can gain their trust by nurturing them. 

Your current and targeted customers are available online in this social media era, so your competitors are. There are more related points why businesses opt for social media lead generation:

They can get higher ranks on search engine result pages.

To make a communication bridge with a massive audience.

You can make a massive fan base that can drive organic traffic to your website displaying your services or products. 

Social media is one of the easiest ways to get vast online exposure and showcase your brand name. 

You can share related information with the audience, and take their feedback, so you can enhance credibility. 

You have read how social media helps you to get a vast user base, but using these platforms in the right direction is equally important. That’s why we are here with the best social media lead-generation ideas to try next!

Social media lead generation: best ideas!

Try to optimize your business's social media profile

Whenever the talk is about social media channels, there are certain names that come to everyone’s mind, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. No matter what platform you are using, make sure your social media profiles are nicely optimized. So that if a customer comes to your profile, they get an exact idea of what your brand is and how to connect with you. 

To optimize your profile, you can do the following things:

Make your contact information easily accessible. Make sure to attend to customer queries via emails, messages, phone calls, etc. 

Have an appealing one-liner in your bio that has an exact reflection of your brand. You can add a website link in the bio or use different tools like Linktree, etc. 

You can add a CTA (call-to-action) button too. 

Paid social media ads can help acquire interested leads


Paid social media ads can help acquire interested leads

Chief marketing officers are investing 66% of their total advertisement marketing budgets on running social media advertisements as per Gartner’s report. And why should it be like this?

Paid advertising gathers real-time information and utilizes it to incline the content toward the potential audience. This way one can get the maximum exposure of paid social media campaigns and side by side, save your resources too. 

Hence, if use it in the right way, it can become a huge lead-generation medium for your company. If you want to make your ad campaign a great success, consider the following:

Consider your expectations from the ad campaign.

Try to connect all your channels to a single place having maximum reach. This way you can monitor them easily. 

Before any ad campaign, evaluate your goals, increase your brand awareness, promote services, or just want to communicate with potential customers. 

Try to use social proofs in the feed section

Social proofs are something that everyone wants as this is a great way of knowing your brand’s credibility. To achieve this, using testimonials and feedback in the feed section is the best way. 

This strategy is used by all from small influencers to big stars or brands to fetch the attention of their fans. This attention can bring you a loyal follower base. 

You can add various creative posts and stories that display your customer’s feedback and reviews. This can help any newbie coming to your store in a positive way. But remember to add only real reviews, don’t try to use fake ones. You can also use various customer reviews in one animated video to share as social media proof. 

Run a social media contest to uplift engagement

Social media contests are an excellent approach to generate social media leads and create brand awareness. If you do it in the right way, you can fetch leads into your sales pipeline to enhance revenue. 

Shares, likes, retweets, and following your posts are the simplest ways to get a large number of engagers to enhance the lead rate. You can also use a contest entry form to give entry to entrants. 

To make the most out of social media contests, you can do the given: 

You should choose the social media channel that has a wider reach and that meets your content goals. 

Your desired goal should be SMART or the goal should be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound. 

You can add contest rules in the feed section in advance. 

Trending your hashtags via contests is a great way to make them trending. 

You should track the results and announce the winner in a transparent way. 

Use retargeted ads on social media channels

Retargeting is a great way to re-engage lost prospects and enhance social media lead generation strategy. For example, if someone clicked on your social media handle or your website link but didn’t complete the form for some reason. So, you can retarget them with ads to convert them into qualified leads. 

Retargeted ads advantage can be used in different ways, like:

To retarget the people who once enquired about your services or products but have now gone into idle mode. 

To retarget those people who read your blog posts regularly but still haven’t subscribed to your newsletter. 

So, try to arrange your retargeting ads in a sequence, like:

An awareness stage to address common pinpoints.

A consideration stage to use testimonials and social proofs. 

Utilize referral campaigns to raise social leads


Utilize referral campaigns to raise social leads

Referral campaigns are another fantastic tool in the lead generation toolkit. Around 90% of people are interested in buying products based on anyone’s recommendation. These are highly effective in multiplying your sales leads. 

It is a great way to roll out your brand that in an indirect way means you are not directly promoting your business. This word-of-mouth strategy is a great way to connect more and more people to your business and fill the sales funnel in a much quicker way. 

One of the good examples of referral campaigns is the gift cards or redeemable points distributed by many big companies to use at different outlets. To make the most out of such programs, try to make an enticing offer for both referees and referrers. So, run such referral programs on your social media handles to have a blast in your customer base. 

Use sign-up forms with the alliance of social media influencers

Use sign-up forms with the alliance of social media influencers

A good social media influencer marketing plan can help you enhance brand exposure and set up your brand’s authority. Influencers vary in different categories, from nano to micro to mega influencers. As per your target audience and your pocket, you can make a collaboration with them. 

This is the most powerful and high-yielding method in this digital competitive era to make your brand’s credibility as people blindly trust their favorite celebrities.

The key to the success of a social media influencer strategy is to pick the right personality for your products or services. You should make alliances with celebrities who give honest reviews and tutorials for your products. And most importantly, you can collaborate with the ones who can make ‘how-to’ content for your business. So, harness the power of influencers for social media lead generation. 

Host webinars are a great way to connect with a targeted audience

If you want to connect with your potential customers on a one-to-one basis, webinars are a great opportunity for that. Virtual events and conferences are some of those excellent ways to reach out to highly suggestible authorities. 

You can easily run a ‘Question & Answer’ session and answer the queries with the help of professionals. And by clearing people’s doubts, you can convert prospects into customers. 

Webinars are one of the genuine ways to know the interested people in your products and services. Apart from virtual sessions, you can send the recording to those who couldn’t come to the event. 

You can sell free or paid courses in the virtual events with sign-up forms to get the details of interested customers. Also, you can post events on your social media channels to create a plethora of opportunities. 

Closing Thoughts

So, that’s our take on the best social media lead generation ideas to significantly boost ROI. The sales of any business depend upon two factors: the engagement of yourself with your brand and the follow-ups and user engagement. 

Keep these things in mind before you start for the given social media lead generation ideas. Different social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. all are good for generating qualified leads. With such social handles, you can easily motivate your followers to use your services or products. 

But remember, every good thing takes time. So is the case with social media leads as everybody is trying hard to get results on different platforms. Hence, use this piece of advice to make your journey of lead generation a little easier. 

Hope you find this blog informative!

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