6 Eco-Friendly Technologies to Help Companies Go Green

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The environment is set in a precarious state brought about by the hubris and greed of all of us, from the burning of fossil fuels, to excess use and improper disposal of wastes, to say that we royally-messed Mother Nature is a severe understatement. And yet despite this, little to no movement from the biggest contributors to carbon emissions are made, which is disrespectful in all senses of the word. 

Eco-Friendly Technologies to Help Companies Go Green

With that being said, independent movements and activist groups have banded up to knock on the doors of large-scale infrastructures and enterprises in hopes of persuading them to lead the charge to a greener world, and while some oblige, a few attribute the lack of “feasible and cost-effective eco-technologies” as reasons why they remain indignant with destroying the environment. In answer to this, scientists from far and wide formulated viable solutions to this question, in hopes of appeasing large-scale companies, to convince them to make the switch into greener movements!

So what are these solutions to this environmental conundrum? How viable and scalable are they?

I’m glad you asked! Let’s explore the newest eco-technologies that every company should adopt ASAP! 

Companies and the Environment

Companies and large enterprises are the biggest contributor to wastes, besides the Common Joe, of course. Their large-scale production, and improper handling of byproducts and wastes pollute the air, the soil, and the water, which in turn causes diseases, and the further deterioration of the environment.

This is the biggest reason why they are urged by green activists to switch to greener technologies for production and service provision. For one, it’s cheaper and more sustainable, plus customers get the best out of it too. To give them all the reasons to adopt greener ways to manufacture and go about their daily work, scientists, ecologists, and environmental activists all across the globe formulated smart ways to supplement environment-friendly concepts to most labor-related concepts.

The biggest options we are looking at right now is the use of eco-technologies, which are technological advancements/pieces that use less energy in exchange for a better output. This spells well for everyone, as this world relishes upon better results in the shortest and most efficient ways possible! 

Eco-Technologies Companies Should Adopt

Various solutions have been proposed over the past, all aiming to create a greener world, and while most options went obsolete, these new renditions of solutions prove to be scalable, immediate, and powerful solutions to the eco-problem

Smart Technology Integration

The mere implementation of automated programs and installments in every office building could significantly help with reducing a company’s carbon footprint! Smart Thermostats, automated lighting controls, eco-saver electricity installments, are just a few of the things that could be implemented in the modern office space to not only provide better comfort for every worker, but to effectively reduce the impact that a company incurs on the environment! 

These smart technologies interact with each other through the Internet of Things (IoT) to learn and adapt to user’s wants and needs, and match up a program/protocol that would best provide comfort, while reducing carbon footprint altogether! 

Since this is new-age technology, we’re bound to see more of this in the near future. And with Web3.0 and the IoT becoming more commercially available as days pass by, the dream of an eco-friendly office space is slowly becoming a reality! 


This one’s a little closer and more feasible than what most people think. For one, the idea of digitizing everything from paper bills, to receipts and confidential documents have been seen by companies in the past as a viable way for them to cut costs on printing and buying paper products, plus it streamlines the work processes especially in an office setting. And while the welfare of the environment was not necessarily in the best interests of these companies in the past, it’s still a welcome option! 

Transitioning from paper-based products to digital solutions can significantly reduce a company’s carbon footprint, as they effectively zero out paper waste and use, which means less trees cut! 

Fractional NFTs

Newly introduced renditions of the billion-dollar concept of NFTs, these fractional NFT variants offer the same kind of service you’d expect from a regular NFT, but divided into equal parts which means less cost. 

And with them causing less load on the blockchain when processed and transacted upon, Fractional NFTs are becoming the smartest answer to the eco-problem of the NFT industry!

As of now, more and more projects within the NFT world pushes for the creation and the adoption of the fractional NFT model. Soon enough, most blue-chip NFTs which account for most of the carbon footprint in this industry, will outright switch to Fractional NFTs, giving every investor a chance to get on profitable opportunities, at less cost and less environmental guilt! 

Harnessing of Renewable Resources for Energy

Inarguably the best solution to the environmental conundrum of the corporate and business industry, the harnessing of renewable resources yields astounding results over time. Although the expensive initial costs discourage most companies into implementing this revolutionary eco-technology.

Granted that renewable energy resource harnessing is implemented, the effects in costs and desirable results are almost instantaneous! For instance, completely relying upon Solar Electricity like what a number of infrastructures did will completely free a company from the power grid, which means less energy wasted, and more money saved by the company! 

A huge movement in the industry is being made as we speak that promotes the use of renewable energy sources in exchange for the burning of fossil fuels. So far, a large number of individuals and entities in the industry, from FinTech to Cryptocurrencies, are onboard with this plan and have mobilized efforts to actuate these concepts! 

Green Blockchain Technology

Green Blockchain Technology is not exactly an eco-technology per se, but it’s a series of well-laid plans to make blockchain more eco-friendly and more efficient at the same time. Solutions such as Layer-2 off-chain protocols and smart contracts are one of the most interesting answers  laid on the table as of the moment to help combat the large carbon emission that the cryptocurrency industry incurs.  

Layer 2 off-chain protocols like the Lightning Network for bitcoin are made with the sole purpose in mind of creating sustainable transaction validators in every network. They do this by passing off the brunt of the transaction validation work to an off-chain protocol, such as what the Lightning Network does in Bitcoin Transactions. 

On the other hand we have Smart Contracts and Smart Contracts, which are self-executing protocols and programs in the cryptocurrency network that validate and process transactions for the user without the need for intermediaries. The implementation of Smart Contracts on every nook and cranny of the cryptocurrency industry reduces the need for validators, as everything from here on out will be automated, this all in all relinquishes the need for more computing power as everything is streamlined to perfection, and all together creates a greener cryptocurrency world! 

These scalable solutions, while not widespread in the industry, are beginning to receive more notice as of late, due to how cheap and efficient they are at working. As part of the Green Blockchain Technology strategies that are promoted by crypto-exclusive eco-groups, we should expect more of these to come up soon enough! 

While this is a crypto-exclusive option as of now, much like Fractional NFTs, the introduction of Web3.0 might change the narrative as every infrastructure on the Internet is made to rely upon blockchain technology, so this is still a worthy eco-technology to study upon! 

Eco-Friendly Transportations

As the whole world recovers from the detrimental effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic, we’re seeing a surge of carbon emissions coming from public transportations. In countries like the USA where it’s a norm for people to dislike commuting, this is a big problem. 

To combat this, companies could issue eco-friendly electric vehicles that would act as either company vehicles specifically given out to some people, or larger public electric vehicles that would act as shuttles for employees, which not only helps with reducing carbon emissions altogether, but also promotes punctuality and productivity in employees! 

Key Takeaways

Once again, the world finds itself in a crossroads between sustainability and profit. The good thing about it is, this time, we’re now armed with better eco-technologies and strategies that we could leverage to create a greener world! 

By adopting these strategies and technologies on a larger scale, we could expect significant changes in the way energy is used and waste is emitted to the environment, hopefully for the better.  

However, all of this effort will go to waste if education and awareness of the current climate situation and effects that we incur on the environment is sidelined. While we’re at the cusp of an industry-wide overhaul for a better and eco-friendly corporate world, everybody’s effort and awareness is required to make big things happen. 

Thus, it’s imperative that we all go through this hand-in-hand! The salvation of Mother Nature doesn’t lie on a single person/entity’s hands after all! 


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