Why Must Startups Choose React Native For Mobile App Development?

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Congratulations on starting your mobile app development firm! Now that you're up and running, it's time to start looking for projects. If you still need to hire an in-house team, there are various platforms and freelance developers you can access.

React Native For Mobile App Development

However, starting a business is always challenging, and I understand this firsthand as a fellow entrepreneur.Being an entrepreneur is challenging, especially in this rapidly growing mobile app development world. 

You might know what to do, but sometimes you need help deciding how to do it. Which programming language or framework best suits your next project? And what are the deciding parameters? 

The emergence of so-called mobile app development frameworks has clarified many things in the last few years. The arrival of React Native has changed the mobile app development game inside out. 

As a result, within a short period, it has become the core favorite mobile app development framework for many startups. 

But what made React Native the hot favorite? What sets React Native apart from other frameworks, and why should startups use it? Let's find out: 

What is React Native?

React Native is a popular, broadly used JavaScript-based mobile app development framework. It is open source and has many vital components that can be reused to build natively rendered iOS & Android apps. This framework was introduced by Facebook in 2015.

"Learn once and write anywhere" is the core principle of developing React Native apps.

React Native is currently the leading mobile app development framework. It boasts custom-made and advanced features, such as a single codebase and easy third-party plugins, that allow for the creation of high-quality cross-platform apps.

React Native and Startups:

When entrepreneurs start their startups, they often have a limited budget. As a result, they look for cost-effective services that are still of high quality to maintain a balance. 

React Native is an excellent option for those looking for unified mobile app development. It covers everything from API integration to third-party plugins and post-development maintenance, all within budget. This ensures that entrepreneurs can provide their clients with top-notch solutions.

Popular Brands that use React Native:

The world's top mobile applications you use or have heard the name of have been built using React Native. Some popular React-based mobile applications are:

1. Salesforce

2. Facebook

3. Wix

4. Bloomberg

5. Pinterest

6. Walmart

7. Myntra

8. UberEATS

9. Instagram

10. Skype

Now that you have learned about famous companies that have used React Native, it's time to explore the benefits that have enticed startups to utilize this technology for faster mobile app development.

Top 10 reasons startups should opt for React Native for mobile app development in the first place!


Facebook developed React Native and made it open-source for the rest of the mobile app developers. It means users have easy and quick access to its sources which the React Native community maintains on Reddit and GitHub regularly. They ensure rightful answers to React Native queries for enterprises and developers.

Single codebase

Write once and use it as many times as you want in different operating systems. This is the most significant USP of React Native, which has brought many frontline users worldwide. 

You can comprehend React Native's single codebase for iOS and Android and the same libraries for mobile User Interfaces. Imagine the amount of development cost, time, and effort you will save with this.

Time and cost-efficient

Compared to other frameworks, React Native assured minimum cost and time for mobile app development—reasons: Reusable components and a single codebase. 

You don't have to pay for the different app (iOS & Android) development as the once-written code and components will work perfectly on both OS. As a startup owner, this is one of your most valuable assets. 

Reusable components

While working on hybrid app development, mobile app developers highly depend on WebView components to reinforce native components' functionality. In contrast, React Native has built-in Android components and native iOS counterparts. These are reusable components that ensure native-like mobile experiences and fulfill functionality expectations.

Cross-platform compatible

The single codebase and reusable components make React Native cross-platform compatible. With the same and sometimes at less cost, startups can build high-performing iOS and Android applications of any niche. No other framework can offer you such compatibility than React Native. 

Excellent Ui/Ux

With React Native, the asynchronous JavaScript performs in an organic native environment building flexible and highly responsive mobile UI, ensuring smooth and hassle-free interactions. You can tweak and modernize it with the latest plugins and libraries to offer a more comprehensive user experience.

Third-party plugin support

Once you enable React Native app development services in your business, you will discover its exclusive plugins. The third-party plugins add an extra layer of functionality to the mobile application. However, a developer can use these plugins in the native modules to develop feature-rich, reliable, and faster Android and iOS applications.

Enhance security and stability

React Native is considered a highly reliable, secure, and stable framework because of JavaScript. It seamlessly caters to transposable architecture and brings stability to the application. You can ensure the full-cycle safety and security of mobile applications with it.

Easy learning curve

Anyone with a solid fundamental knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript can catch up with React Native in a quick time. Above all, numerous tutorials, Youtube videos of use cases, and documentation are freely available. You only need strong determination and consistency to learn this dynamic mobile app development framework. 

Extensive community base

React Native is developed by Facebook and the community. So you can imagine the extensive support and backup it has for you. The community assures quick and regular updates in its libraries and components. Hence, developers get real-time access to the newest features. Moreover, you will get a quick solution and source code from GitHub repositories on-demand.

Bottom Line:

React Native for business app development has become an automatic choice since it emerged as one of the top cross-platform app development frameworks. Recently it has become number one in the ranking of the best mobile app development framework, surpassing giants like Flutter, Ionic, and Swift.

React Native has grown immensely in the last five years and has obtained the first choice amongst Startups. However, you always optout of hire react native developer from a recognized React Native Development Company for better and streamlined mobile app development solutions. 

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