How to Leverage Salesforce for Project Management?

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Project management is the application of various processes, methods, tools, skills, and techniques to achieve the specific objectives of a project. It helps to deliver something valuable to the public. Salesforce is one of the top CRM (customer relationship management) platforms worldwide that offers enterprise-grade solutions to the busiest sales teams. It helps them enhance their productivity using Salesforce CRM. Due to its immense popularity, many sales teams thought about using Salesforce for project management, designed to support only some projects. 

Leverage Salesforce for Project Management

Using Salesforce for project management provides more steadiness in customer succes and offers a great experience. Integrating Salesforce with project management will bring the sales or customer-facing teams together irrespective of their geographical location. Further, this integration aligns different departments and helps them in their activities. Moreover, it allows marketers to connect and interact with clients in complex business meets using Salesforce project management. The combined Salesforce project management tools also help companies track their project's time and costs.

This article will discuss the various aspects of using Salesforce for project management. But before moving ahead, you should know what Salesforce is in brief.

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is a leading cloud-based CRM platform that offers customer relationship management solutions and other enterprise applications to companies. It is a highly customisable platform that enables businesses to customise the CRM platform based on their needs. 

Salesforce for project management offers multiple cloud-based business applications such as Customer 360, Salesforce CRM, etc. Famous examples of Salesforce project management tools include Inspire Planner, Milestone PM+, Mission Control, etc. 

Being a cloud-based platform, Salesforce offers multiple benefits to its users. When we apply Salesforce CRM to project management, it brings consistency to the sales team. It offers various business applications that are user-friendly and easy to use. They also provide better customer experiences. Further, it offers multiple cloud computing services to businesses, 

Hence, Salesforce cloud-based CRM apps help multiple business areas such as sales, finance, business development, marketing, human resources, supply chain, etc. 

What is the use of Salesforce for Project Management?

Salesforce is meant to handle multiple activities apart from managing contacts. Integrating Salesforce with Project management provides practical solutions to accomplish business projects. However, there are limited capabilities of Salesforce project management, and it supports some essential functions only.

  • Task Notifications
  • Chatter Application
  • Team Management
  • Salesforce AppExchange
  • Automated Client Onboarding

Task Notifications

Salesforce added a new feature in its tech stack, "task notifications". This feature in Salesforce lists all the specific tasks each member has to complete, including all its essential information. Hence, it will continuously remind the team members of task completion, which will help in the smooth execution of the project. 

Further, it has the additional feature of adding reminders and activating notifications for the 

team's to-do list and is only available with Salesforce Lightning app. Also, it helps Salesforce applications work similarly to a project management tool and manages the teams' schedules. 

Chatter Application

Salesforce offers an effective project management tool, "Chatter", a social networking software for business. It allows business teams to enhance their productivity, which they can use to support multiple projects and develop new posts. Also, users can post comments on the posts and files shared, status updates, etc. 

Team Management

Salesforce for project management offers effective team management solutions, which include Account Teams and Opportunity Teams. 

Salesforce AppExchange

Salesforce AppExchange is the marketplace useful in Salesforce project management. It is the marketplace for many third-party project management applications developed by other developers outside Salesforce. These apps include Asana, Mavenlink, etc. 

Automated Client Onboarding

To manage customers' onboarding process, Salesforce offers the Journey Builder app. It helps to send messages to potential customers to buy various products. Further, it also helps to onboard new clients using the same strategy. 

Reporting and Analytics

Salesforce project management offers excellent features of reporting and analytics that allow teams to track and analyse project performance, locate issues, and make informed decisions.

Advantages of Salesforce for Project Management

The following are the various advantages of Salesforce for project management.

Flexible Applications

Salesforce for project management offers highly versatile and flexible apps. It allows users to add unique features such as objects, fields, and other features by customising the app as required. 

High Security

Any company highly requires the security of applications. The applications of Salesforce for project management are equipped with tight security guidelines. Salesforce secures user data by following the existing security guidelines. Therefore, it is highly preferred by many companies.

Great Integration

The Salesforce project management apps offer multiple benefits over the other tools. It provides seamless integration facilities with other Salesforce apps, both standard and customised. 


Automation is one of the most trending features of Salesforce. The Salesforce for project management applications allows great automation features through Process Builder. Further, this automation can be more advanced based on your business needs. 

Real-time Reporting

It is essential to have real-time data that helps in reporting and analytics. Also, this data will help management make many informed decisions. The Salesforce for project management apps will provide the required information based on the latest important trends and issues by engaging reports and dashboards of Salesforce. 

Further, Salesforce offers customizable dashboards along with a robust report builder. These tools and technologies provide project managers to deal with customer-centric projects with a complete view of various tasks, problems, and project results. Besides these benefits, Salesforce apps help reduce huge costs to manage large teams and save time by delivering excellent customer experience. 


Salesforce for project management offers multiple benefits for companies with various tools and techniques. It provides many built-in features and capabilities that help small business teams complete various tasks. Further, Salesforce also helps to integrate with other project management tools. The Salesforce project management software apps, such as Inspire Planner, Asana, etc., are the most effective options for many teams. However, many native Salesforce apps offer great flexibility and flawless connectivity. Hence, this is all about leveraging Salesforce for project management. 


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