Couple of Hints to Make the Every Year Reports in PDF

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Urgently need to make an annual report in PDF, and so you've been scouring the Internet in search of the necessary information on this subject? Congratulations, you have found it. We know well that all private and public companies in the United States must file an annual report with their state secretary. 

Hints to Make the Every Year Reports in PDF

But not every company knows what tools to use to quickly and accurately create the required document. After reading this article, you won't be one of them. In addition, here you'll find practical tips and hints on creating an annual report in PDF and examples of famous companies for your inspiration. Thus, you can take the best ideas for yourself. 

The Annual Report From A to Z: Everything You Need to Know

Showing your supporters the results of your work, sharing your successes, and thanking your partners are all tasks that your organization's annual report can handle. However, note that this will only work if you've chosen the correct format and structure, worked with the data, and demonstrated your successes. So, if you're ready to act, take a few minutes out of your day to read the material that follows.

The Target Audience 

The annual report has several functions at once. First and foremost, it is a transparency tool. Reporting helps build a closer and more trusting relationship with those who support the organization. The annual report can also be a tool for finding new partners if it shows all the results of the company's work in an accessible format. Therefore, the following target groups can be considered when creating the report:

✔️ Regulators;

✔️ Clients;

✔️ Partners;

✔️ Employees and members;

✔️ Applicants wishing to work for your company;

✔️ Investors;

✔️ Analysts.

Data from the report also helps with internal communications within the organization. Employees learn more about each other's work. Data from the document can be taken in grant applications or provided as introductory material for new employees. That is, it is an essential internal tool for learning all the details of the work of other departments.

Format and Structure 

Report formats can be different: presentation, separate landing, video report, and mailings. When choosing a form, it's best to proceed from your audience's preferences or the document's anticipated scope. For example, if you know your audience responds to a video, you could do a video report. 

The report's structure should be logical and understandable for regular clients and those learning about your company for the first time. Be sure to write the name and details, mission and goals, and list the main projects, activities, the amount of income, and expenditure for the year.

Visualization and Design

Whatever format you choose for your report will most likely need additional tools. With their help, you can visualize and edit data, create templates, and add icons and QR codes. If the information in this table is insufficient, you can benefit from the best essays, which will help you with this issue. 


It’s needed to show income, expenses, or other essential figures clearly.



The photos you need for your report may be of different quality. And it’s better to process them additionally, for example, with Canva.


If you want to make fields for your report with quotes or numbers, use Figma.



Want to make it easier to navigate your report? Check out the library of Noun Project service.


Create QR codes

If you want to add links to your report (especially if you decide to print it), you can add QR codes.


The text for the report should be literate and easy to read.


Add interactive maps and timelines

You can add interactive tools to the page with the report: maps and timelines. With their help, you'll be able to tell big stories.

Tips and Tricks for Making an Annual Report in PDF

You'll learn the two most straightforward ways to create a PDF report. Here is information for those who don't want to understand the programs or scripts to convert the document into PDF. We also take care of those who wish to use all-in-one free PDF software. So have a little patience. You'll get the best solutions for your PDF documents in just a minute. 


Go to



Select "Document."


ClickFile>DownloadAs> PDF

Make It in Word and Upload It to Google Docs

Launch MS Word

Make a report



Saveas PDF

As you can see, there’s nothing complicated. The same principle can be observed with Microsoft PowerPoint if you want to make a presentation, and Canva, which has a library of ready-made report templates. In general, the choice is yours. 

Generating Every Year Reports in PDF 

Generating Every Year Reports in PDF

We know that generating an annual report is a complicated and time-consuming process. However, it can become a fun task, which allows you to edit, convert, merge, compress, annotate easily and sign your PDF documents. And best of all, it won't take you much time. But first things first. 

To begin with, definite software allows you to edit PDF documents as quickly as text files. For example, imagine such a situation: you've created a report in Google Docs and saved it to PDF. Suddenly you realize that you forgot to add information or correct a mistake. You would have to re-enter Google Docs, edit and then save it to PDF again. Why go to all that trouble when you can do it easily?

Moreover, the software allows you to create a new PDF document from three different sources: a scanner, a blank page, and existing files (Microsoft Office, image, or CAD formats). And a separate bonus — you can create a report directly on your phone (Android and iOS).

The Best Examples for Your Inspiration

Here we present what we think are the five best annual reports from market leaders in convenient table form. If you want to know more about this topic, let us know, or use Trust My Paper writing service, where you can find an expert to give you all the required information. Yes, it's been quite a few years since some reports were created, but they are so perfect that we couldn't help but include them in this list.




The visual richness of the 2018 annual report can hardly be matched. For example, in the first interactive video, a woman's photo is replaced by a tomogram of her head as the pointer moves.


Twitter's 2018 annual report is a 38-second video tweet. And it says it all.




The three-dimensional illustration of the terrain in the 2017 report, where you can click on different objects to a musical accompaniment, looks genuinely captivating.




The 2016 report is considered iconic because it conveys the company's core value of giving everyone a chance. A vastcollectionofstrikingfootageillustratesitperfectly.



This example is unique in that you don't often see an annual report (2015) that offers you a set of temporary tattoos in exchange for a subscription.


So, today you've learned a lot of helpful information about creating annual reports in PDF. We hope you'll use this new knowledge and tools to get the most out of them. And one last little tip: go to the chosen website to learn more about its services. And you won't regret such a decision.


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