7 Mega Fan Tips for Enjoying a CSGO Match

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Thanks to its high-octane action and realistic graphics, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is well-suited for the spectator. With short rounds, explosive action, and a pretty solid scenario, it can be as enjoyable as watching a blockbuster movie. In 2022, the Intel Extreme Masters attracted peak audiences of more than 1.12 mililon. Looking to get more out of your next viewing session? Read on for 7 great ways to up the ante. 

7 Mega Fan Tips for Enjoying a CSGO Match

7. Take Advantage of Spectator Mode

Not everyone has to be actually playing a CSGO match to be involved. Spectator Mode allows players to follow the action, without participating in a terrorist or CT role. If you've played CSGO before, you'll access this mode automatically. It kicks in whenever a player's character is killed. Rather than sit around and sulk that you've been killed off so quickly, see it as a learning curve. 

6. Pick a Team to Follow

If you'refairly new to the world of CSGO and want to start enjoying the game as a spectator, you'll want a team to throw your support behind. Currently, a handful of teams dominate the world rankings. The likes of G2 Esports and FaZe Clan have been leading the pack for years. If you're searching for a roster to be proud to call your favorite, you could do a lot worse than these two. 

5. Explore a New League 

Been watching CSGO for some time now? While the Intel Extreme Mastersand BLAST Premier deliver standout entertainment every year, they're not the only events you should be watching. Rather than get stuck in your ways, it's time to explore something new. In terms of S-Tier tournaments, you have the likes of Gamers8 and the Thunderpick World Championship. However, there are dozens more to discover if you broaden your horizons to include A, B, and C-Tier events. 

4. Host a Watch Party 

Do you regularly get together with friends to watch the latest episode of your favorite television show? Watch parties have never been more popular. Nothing is stopping you from turning your love of Counter-Strike into a reason to get together with friends. If your CSGO social circle only extends to online friends, use a video conferencing platform to bring the gang together. 

2. CSGO Drinking Games

This is a great game idea if you are hosting a watch party. Every time a certain action happens, everyone has to take a drink. Draw up a bingo card so everyone knows when to reach for their glass. Did someone die from a round from a pistol? One sip. Someone was offered by an explosive? Call it two sips. Did someone fall foul of the dreaded team kill? It's time for shots. 

2. Fantasy Esports 

Many soccer and baseball fans have been enjoying fantasy sports leagues for years. You can apply the same key principles to esports. The key thing here is that you'll need to be playing with a group. Think about suggesting the idea to a group of fellow CSGO enthusiasts or the online group you currently play with. You each pick one professional CSGO team and then are awarded points based on their performance. You can keep things simple and earn points for outright wins. Alternatively, go deeper by awarding points for enemy kills and bomb defusals. 

1. Place a Wager

The esports betting market is going from strength to strength. With more tournaments and increased coverage, traditional gambling companies like William Hill and bet365 are waking up to the potential of this thriving betting market. Once seen as something of a novelty bet, esports tournaments can now be wagered just as easily as a game of soccer or baseball. Provided you find an online bookmaker with generous odds, you can make some serious money by wagering on the outcomes of CSGO events. Need some insights so you can make smarter bets? Get the latest CSGO stats here.


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